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Supplemental Files

The files below provide supporting supplementary information for the following Oralgen-related publications or publications in process.
  1. Cohesion group approach for evolutionary analysis of aspartokinase, an enzyme that feeds a branched network of many biochemical pathways. Chien-Chi Lo, Carol A. Bonner, Gary Xie, Mark D'Souza, and Roy A. Jensen. Microbiol Mol Biol Rev (2009) Dec;73(4):594-651.

    1. Table: The modified aspartokinase dynamic table with Trp content data (Dynamic table-html)

  2. Community and Gene Composition of a Human Dental Plaque Microbiota Obtained by Metagenomic Sequencing. Gary Xie, Patrick S. G. Chain, Chienchi Lo, Kuan-Liang Liu, Jason Gans, Justin Merritt, and Fengxia Qi

    1. 454 non-human raw reads (fasta)

  3. The alternative translational profile that underlies the immune-evasive state of persistence in Chlamydiaceae exploits differential tryptophan contents of the protein repertoire, Chien-Chi Lo, Gary Xie, Carol A. Bonner, and Roy A. Jensen

    1. Table S1: Comparison of protein:Proteome Trp ratios (p:P Trp ratios) in nine genomes:
      bidirectional best hits with Chlamydia trachomatis as the query genome
      (Dynamic table-html)

    2. Table S2: The 9-genomes working table(xls)

    3. Table S3: The modified aspartokinase dynamic table with Trp content data (Dynamic table-html)

    4. Table S4: The 5-genomes (using Bartonella henselae as the query genome) working table(xls)

    5. Table S5: The 5-genomes (using Coxiella burnetii as the query genome) working table (xls)

    6. Table S6: Plots and R-squared values of the Trp residues vs. protein length on the 20 amino acids of Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX (xlsx)

    7. Table S7: Organisms having zero-content aspartokinases (docx)

    8. Table S8: The 22-genomes giant table (xls)

    9. Table S9: p:bbh_P Trp ratios for the CTR/ECO combination of shared orthologs

    10. Table S10: p:bbh_P Trp ratios for the CTR/PAM combination of shared orthologs
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